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Vancouver Declaration On Human Settlements

 Vancouver Declaration On Human Settlements

This convention was held in 1976 and outlines a very strategic plan on implementing "Sustainable Development," and the " New International Economic Order."

However, this document does make reference to the principles outlined in the U.N. Charter on Human Rights, or what we refer to as "The Right of Self Determination."

On Page 5 of  the Vancouver Declaration On Human Settlements under "II General Principles" it reads in subsections:

"6. The right of free movement and the right of each individual to choose the place of settlement within the domain of his own country should be recognized and safeguarded.

7. Every State has the sovereign and inalienable right to choose its economic system, as well as its political, social and cultural system, in accordance with the will of its people, without interference, coercion or external threat of any kind.

8. Every State has the right to exercise full and permanant sovereignty over its wealth, natural resources and economic activities, adopting the necessary measures for planning and management of its resources, providing for the protection, preservation and enhancement of the environment.

9. Every country should have the right to be a sovereign inheritor of its own cultural created throughout its history, and has the duty to preserve them as an intregal part of the heritage of mankind."

According to "Sustainable Development and Agenda 21" we are to be led like sheep to the slaughter. Limiting the ability to gather food and water in rural settings and implementing what appears to be a mass migration of the general population into the inner cities. Limiting also the so-called private ownership of land. But as we know:

According to the "Peaceful Settlement of Disputes" found in the U.N. Charters there is a remedy:


In conclusion, when taking into consideration the Vancouver Declaration On Human Settlements( Agenda 21) and The Right of Self Determination, we can clearly see a case being laid before us of:

"This is what we are going to do to you, and here is your remedy."

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