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Jul 25th, 2010 by David-Parker : Williams

It’s been 20 days since the last newslet­ter.  I have been trav­el­ing for the past two weeks in Texas.  Prior to that, we went to Wash­ing­ton, DC for sev­eral days where I met with the Mex­i­can and Boli­vian Embassies as stated in the last newsletter.….to wit, as I stated then:

Boli­vian Embassy — Wash­ing­ton, DC

I am going to be brief in this post­ing.   I leave tomor­row to sit down with the Boli­vian Embassy in DC tomor­row after­noon to dis­cuss the next steps that the Boli­vian Legal Attaché should be tak­ing in the mat­ter of United States of Amer­ica v. Dario Busch.   The Legal Attaché and I will then be meet­ing with the Mex­i­can Embassy on Wednes­day morning.”

These meet­ings went very well.  In the mat­ter of the USA v. DARIO BUSCH; there has been an offer of pre-trial diver­sion.   This is some­thing in their law, that I knew existed, but was unaware of the ter­mi­nol­ogy.   So let me explain.

Diver­sion is an admis­sion of cul­pa­bil­ity, but with a sus­pended sen­tence and post-diversion agree­ment mon­i­tor­ing.  In other words, the “accused” is freed on a pro­ba­tion­ary sta­tus that has cer­tain strings attached.  Those strings are related to “keep­ing one’s nose clean”…so to speak.

But.…how does this apply to you?

In past blogs and past newslet­ter and numer­ous emails, I have men­tioned that if you want to “come out of the Matrix or Sys­tem”; you must learn how the rest of this Planet oper­ates.  To that end, I rec­om­mended that you start read­ing and under­stand­ing the Treaties and Con­ven­tions on Con­sular and Diplo­matic Relations.

So, how’s that going for you?  Are you learn­ing what it’s going to take to Self-govern and come out from under your “Mas­ters and slave-owners”?

The founders of the United States were busi­ness­men.  They were busi­ness­men that read and stud­ied law, and treaties, and knew the LAW OF NATIONS.  On this planet, there is this “thing” that oper­ates called THE FAMILY OF NATIONS.  The rea­son for this name is that the “nations” must have “rules” (I.e. Agree­ments) among them­selves to make things func­tion glob­ally.  For instance, included in part of the Global Con­struct are Postal Treaties.

Let’s say that you “mail a let­ter” to Japan from the United States.  Does your let­ter, via some act of magic, some­how just appear in Japan?  No.  Your mail gets to Japan through the acti­va­tion of dozens treaties when you placed your stamp (tax/fee) on your let­ter.   Once you gave the con­sid­er­a­tion for the stam­page; and your let­ter was appro­pri­ate “sealed” by the post clerk (clergy); you engaged a con­tract that tapped into and opened up a series of Con­tracts like cir­cuit switches that “light up” and engage once you turn the power on.  These include inter­na­tional fuel taxes, exchange rates on postage, and such.  The sys­tem is INTERNATIONAL.

Noth­ing hap­pens by acci­dent on this planet.   You are engaged in con­tracts and those con­tracts define your exis­tence in rela­tion­ship to gov­ern­ments, other men, and the Fam­ily of Nations.  Are you read­ing and learn­ing about how this planet, which you live on, works? The founders of the U.S.A. were men.  Were they just men or uncom­mon men?  They stated that they were going to “assume their Sep­a­rate and Equal Sta­tion among the Pow­ers of the Earth”.

Those pow­ers exer­cise Stew­ard­ship and put agree­ments in place that dic­tate how oth­ers on among the Fam­ily of Nations “treat” with THEM.  And, because of this “assump­tion of power to Self-Govern”; they afford them­selves the sta­tus of Diplo­matic Immunity.

In other words, in the mat­ter of doing busi­ness on this Planet (i.e. Stew­ard­ing the Planet); there are 2 and only 2 kinds of peo­ple:
1) Those doing busi­ness with Immu­nity and 2) those with­out Immu­nity.  Which are you?

Which do you want to be?  Are you read­ing the infor­ma­tion and links that I/we have pro­vided so that when you are ready to “assume your sep­a­rate and EQUAL sta­tion”, you will know how to treat and treaty within the Fam­ily of Nations with Proper Deco­rum, with­out vio­lat­ing any other mem­ber of the Fam­ily of Nations; and thereby, acquire the Immu­nity that exer­cis­ing THE RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION affords?

As stated in the pre­vi­ous newslet­ter, the word ‘solu­tions” is going to change to “solu­tion”, since there is only “ONE KEY THAT FITS ONE DOOR”…to escape the night­mare that has become “cit­i­zen­ship or voluntary-servitude” on this Planet.

Extreme times call for Extreme Knowl­edge.  Neo did a mas­sive “unlearning-learning matrix code down­load” when he first fig­ured out that he needed to “wake up”.  We all need to do the same.  “Com­ing out of one Sys­tem” to form another “soci­ety”, has never been “easy” on this Planet.  But, it has been necessary.

THEY have left the secrets behind.  In the Ore­gon Con­sti­tu­tion, Arti­cle 1: Bill of Rights; it states that “men, when they FORMSOCIAL COMPACT are Equal in Rights”.  Well, when did you “form” a social com­pact?  If the United States or States Con­sti­tions are Com­pacts; ie. Con­tracts among men.…when did you sign onto or FORM your Con­tract to “assume among the Pow­ers your Equal Sta­tion”?   And, if you “think” (falsely think) that you did, then where are you doc­u­ments show­ing your Immu­nity for doing so?

As stated pre­vi­ously in many of our blogs and other mate­r­ial; in the Jamestown Expo­si­tion in 1907 Theodore Roo­sevelt said that “men can never escape being gov­erned.  They will either gov­ern them­selves or they will have to be gov­erned by oth­ers.  If from law­less­ness, fick­le­ness, folly, or self-indulgence they refuse to gov­ern them­selves, then MOST ASSUREDLY in the end, they will have to be gov­erned from the outside”.

So, one more time.….here’s the ques­tion to ponder.….“do you like being gov­erned from the out­side”?  What are you doing for your­self and your Posterity?

If you are ask­ing about imple­men­ta­tion of this Right of Self-Determination; that is being worked on all the time, by myself and oth­ers.  Believe me.…I made up my mind long ago that there is only one solu­tion.  But, that doesn’t mean that it’s imme­di­ate.  And, the big­ger ques­tion is: “Are you ready”?  It took the founders of the U.S.A. decades to decide to “break away” from Britain; and it took resources.   But for the sake of those that are con­sid­er­ing their “con­di­tion” and are inter­ested in estab­lish­ing a new com­pact and gain­ing the immu­ni­ties that are afforded; please lis­ten to the audio.

This audio is a con­ver­sa­tion between myself and Jonathan May.  Jonathan lives in the UK and has been instru­men­tal in attempt­ing to bring for­ward a dif­fer­ent mon­e­tary sys­tem (Re-economy Pro­gram); based on real assets, intel­lec­tual prop­erty, and true pro­duc­tiv­ity.   He worked with the famous Hunt Broth­ers of Texas in attempt­ing to assist them in mon­e­tary reform in the United States.  If you are inter­ested in his story and back­ground; go to this link:

To listen to the audio here:

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