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The Acquisition of Sovereignty by Quasi-States: The case of the Order of Malta Tags: state sovereignty Order of Malta international law non-state entities

Noel Cox

Auckland University of Technology - Faculty of Business

Mountbatten Journal of Legal Studies, Forthcoming

The Sovereign Military Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta, also known as the Order of Malta, the Order of St John of Jerusalem, or simply the Hospitallers, is a unique international confraternity. It is the only organization currently recognized, albeit by a minority of states, as quasi-sovereign. In view of the claims which have been made from time to time by other orders of chivalry - or even pretended orders - to such status, it is worthwhile looking more closely at the claims made by or on behalf of the Order of Malta. In so doing we may help to locate the origin and nature of this so-called sovereignty, and answer the question of which orders of chivalry are likewise 'sovereign', or, indeed, whether the Order of Malta itself is truly sovereign.

The article begins with a brief look at the concepts of sovereignty and statehood as traditionally understood. A survey is then made of the origins of what might be called anomalous entities - bodies which have some status at international law, but which are not traditional states. The special position of the Holy See is covered. The case of the Order of Malta is then examined in its historical context, and the basis for its claimed sovereignty assessed. The position of branches of the Order, and of other ancient religious orders is looked at. The lessons from the example of the Order of Malta for the relationship of territory and statehood are evaluated.


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The Beamable Sustainable Princes Video Presentation

This DVD explores the issue of sustainable development and the fascinating history of England's Crown and its forfeiture to a religious power. You will learn how it came about that England and its vassals now belong to Rome and how an agenda of worldwide control is being foisted on Earth's inhabitants. History has startling answers to why we are seeing certain players on the world stage. Find out in this significant and eye-opening presentation.

13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati Tags: Merovingios Fritz Springmeier Illuminati Bloodlines NWO New World Order History Rothschild Rockefeller Kennedy Council

by Fritz Springmeier

September 2003

from ConspiracyTheories Website

recovered through WayBackMachine Website


Who really controls world events from behind-the-scene?


Years of extensive research and investigation have gone into this massively documented work. In this 624 page, large format book, Fritz Springmeier discloses mind-boggling facts and never before revealed truths about the top Illuminati dynasties.


You’ll learn of the secretive, Chinese Li family, which operates with impunity in the U.S.A. and around the world.


Along the way you’ll find out,

  • why President John F. Kennedy and actress Grace Kelly were killed

  • who created the United Nations

  • who controls the two major U.S. political parties

  • how the Rothschilds invented and control modern-day Israel

  • who secretly founded false religions such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses,

...and much, much more. A literal encyclopedia of rare, unbelievable information!


Discover the amazing role these bloodlines have played - and are now wielding - in human history, with family names such as:



  1. The Astor Bloodline

  2. The Bundy Bloodline

  3. The Collins Bloodline

  4. The DuPont Bloodline

  5. The Freeman Bloodline

  6. The Kennedy Bloodline

  7. The Li Bloodline

  8. The Onassis Bloodline

  9. The Reynolds Bloodline

  10. The Rockefeller Bloodline

  11. The Rothschild Bloodline

  12. The Russell Bloodline

  13. The Van Duyn Bloodline


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