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From The Mailbag Via Matrix Solutions
Good afternoon to all,
This is a general email and is being sent to update you on some things that have happened in the past five months.  This relates to immunity and international law, in the area of Consular Relations and peaceful settlement of disputes.
On March 7 of this year, I wrote everyone in my contact database about Dario Busch.  Recalling that email, I have attached it in case you would like to review the particulars.  But, in general, what I wrote about was that this man: Dario Busch; was that the Judges in Missouri had taken his business and that he had been incarcerated and held in prison for 5 months with no arraignment and no representation for "tampering with Judicial officers" and "trumped up Meth drug charges".   The "tampering" case is for "complaining" that the "court decision" was unfair and unlawful.  (I have seen the decision, and it was unlawful; since the business was given over to someone that had no investment in the business.)
I also mentioned that most people believe that this sort of thing could never happen to them.  
In this case, however, I believed that there was hope because I found out quickly that Dario Busch was/is a Bolivian National.  It was obvious that there were a multitude of International Human Rights Treaties that had been violated in/by the State of Missouri.   At that time, I mentioned that the Bolivian Consulate could get involved and assist in this issue.  
And, this is what occurred......
On July 6th, I went to Washington-DC to the Bolivian Embassy.  I met with the Bolivian Legal Attaché: Senor Pablo Menacho for 4 hours.   Senor Menacho had started to monitor Dario Busch's case.  This came about due to my recommendation that they use the "rights, duties, and functions" of Article 5 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations in order to document all trial evidence and incarceration records in the event that further violations of human rights and legal due process were to occur.  As a result of the scrutiny and the fact that all "trial evidence" had "been destroyed" allegedly due to lack of "space" to store such, the United States, by and through its Attorneys, came back with an offer of amnesty....called Legal Diversion.
This situation was finalized on Friday, July 16th by counsel appointed by the United States for Dario Busch; with Senor Menacho present for the Bolivian government.    The peaceful settlement, here, called for a dismissal of all charges contingent on Dario Busch submitting to pre-trial services for a probationary period of 18 months....meaning "keeping his nose clean" and stop any "anti-US" website or conference call materials.  A very amicable solution from an overall viewpoint.....especially since going to trial would have put Mr. Busch at risk of 60 years worth of prison time.
The bottom line is this:
The settlement was reached due to Mr. Dario Busch's status as a Bolivian National and the fact that he got assistance by means of diplomatic channels from the Bolivian Embassy and its representatives in the United States.  This would never have happened for a US Citizen; and I told Dario in my very first conversation with him that "if you are a U.S. Citizen; I cannot help you".   Why?   Because, U.S. Citizen have no rights.....NONE.  
International Law is the Supreme Law of the Land; but it is not applicable to US citizen...and therefore US Citizens have nothing other than "granted civil rights"; which are routinely "ungranted" by the application of United States' Case Law......
I am posting the original email case you wish to review how I initially was engaged in this matter.   And, I am posting the United States case law review on how US citizens have "no rights" or any rights that cannot be violated.
The more that I continue this path; the more valuable it proves to be.   I gained Diplomatic Immunity....and this has led to a singular conclusion that is inescapable; which is this:  there are two types of people on this planet.....those exercising stewardship and doing business with immunity and those without immunity.   There is NO FENCE.
MATRIX SOLUTIONS is the name of the site and is found at Matrix Solutions.  I will be revising the website to include a look into the Leontief Matrix and the FAR Matrix (a government financial acquisition regulation website) that we can all take a closer look at this "thing" that THEY called the MATRIX.  
If you don't think that it's REAL....thing do your own research.   Leontief Matrix and FAR Matrix can both be found on the Internet now...just "do a Google" on it.  Nothing is being's in everyone's face.  You are in it, whether you like it or not.
There is only one key that fits one door.   That is what MATRIX SOLUTIONS is about....attaining Standing in International law to be able to reach peaceful settlements....retain all of your rights to property by the modifications of treaty and Variations by Agreement.

If you don't understand these terms, but are interested in "immunity"....check out the site.  It's a work in progress and more information is being added.  Coming that you fully understand the condition of u.s.citizenship...will be THE LEGAL MATRIX; A WEB OF CATCH 22s.
Congratulations to Senor Dario Busch for his faith and diligence and steadfastness in the face of charges for crimes that he didn't commit.   The court system is an adversarial war-zone; and better to be avoided.  Peaceful remedy through Diplomacy was and is the "higher path".
 All the best,
David-Parker: Williams
Previous e-mail below....along with "citizens' rights" (in a nutshell)

1.) Prosecutor may violate civil rights in initiating prosecution and presenting case.

- United States Supreme Court in Imbler v. Pachtmanz 424 U.S. 409 (1976)


2.) Immunity extends to all activities closely associated with litigation or potential litigation.

- Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Davisv. Grusemever, 996 F.2d 617 (1993)


3.) Prosecutor may knowingly use false testimony and suppress evidence. - United States Supreme Court in Imbler v. Pachtman, 424 U.S. 409 (1976)


4.) Prosecutor may file charges without any investigation.

- Eighth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Myers v. Morris, 810 F.2d 1337 (1986)


5.) Prosecutor may file charges outside of his jurisdiction.

- Eighth Circuit Federal Court of appeal in Myers v. Morris, 840 F.2d 1337 (1986)


6.) Prosecutor may knowingly offer perjured testimony.

- Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Jones v. Shankland, 800 F.2d 1310 (1987)


7.) Prosecutor can suppress exculpatory evidence. (Exculpatory defined: Evidence showing one innocent)

- Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Henzel v. Gertstein, 608 F.2d 654 (1979)


8.) Prosecutors are immune from lawsuit for conspiring with judges to determine outcome of judicial proceedings.

- Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Ashelman v. Pope, 793 E.2d 1072 (1986)


9.) Prosecutor may knowingly file charges against innocent persons for a crime that never occurred.

- Tenth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal in Norton v. Liddell, 620 F.2d 1375 (1980)

-------Original Message-------
Date: 3/7/2010 3:55:29 PM
Subject: Re: I thought it couldn't happen to me
Good afternoon,
2 pieces of business. 
1) I have a new "banking 101" presentation up at:   The title speaks for itself.  If you saw Part 1 of Banking 101; you know that under Title12 of the United States Code....all national banks are agency of the federal government dealing in "deposits of Public Money".....meaning you are a banking trustee managing "their account".   Part 2 expands your understanding of your personal contracts with the banking industry.  
2)   8 months ago I was asked by a friend to look at a website about "UCC/Patriot remedies and solutions".  That website was making a number of claims that are similar to a multitude of so-called Patriot and UCC Redemption websites.  
After I reviewed that website, I contacted the owner of the site, Dario Busch; to warn him that what he was doing was going to get him into legal trouble.  That "warning" email is "2 below"; if you care to read it....(written by me on September 24th, 2009) 
Dario initial reply is not included here, but needless to was the "normal response" that I get from the Patriot and Redemption crowd; which is that "they're right and I'm the idiot".
Last week, I was contacted by this individual after he was incarcerated in Federal Prison for 5 months by "your federal government" (your tax dollars working for you to penalize people like this).  He was initially not going to be allowed to "bond out"; but since he has a medical condition that "your government" might have to pay for if they kept him in prison....they released him with an ankle monitoring bracelet.   If you read his latest email to me; you will see that he has asked for my help.  The last 5 months in prison have changed his attitude dramatically. 
What do I get from trying to help Dario?  
Nothing.... I have experience in this area and I sent him that email in Sept 09, so it's the right thing to do.   Don't tell people they're wrong or complain if you aren't willing to help or offer a solution, right?
The good news is that he may an advocate that can help him.  He is a dual-citizen of Bolivia and Sweden, and together with his advocacy; I have advised them to contact the Bolivian Embassy and to look at International Treaties and Conventions that show a contradiction of his treatment in prison.   The particular treaties include the International Declaration on Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which your government, and therefore you, have signed onto as a matter of LAW.   And, I may go to DC to visit with the Bolivian Consular's Office to discuss the procedures for redress in the matter.
Now the bad news....Your United States government has financially stripped him.   That's SOP.....Standard Operating Procedure.  The first move is to seize all resources of the "accused" so that can't get competent counsel.   The second move to is not allow the accused to "bond out".   In Dario's case, your govt tried to contend that Dario was a flight risk, due to his citizenship.  This was nonsense.   He is out after 5 months and tethered by a proximity ankle bracelet that will alert them instantly if he tries to leave.   So, the flight risk argument was nonsense; meaning that it was not necessary to spend 5 months in prison.  
However, let me ask you a question....can you financially afford to spend 5 months in a 10' x 10' box?    You guessed it; Dario is now broke because he could not work, and hardly has the funds to even buy food.  But, he asked for my help; and the Creator commanded me to give it.  There's never a wrong time to do the right thing.    
As I told Dario....the ancient maxim says that "Fate favors the bold"  He is encouraged by the words of Joshua 1:8; "be bold and very courageous, for I, Yahweh, am with you".
People believe...."Well, that could never happen to me". 
That is what I thought in 1998 and 1999; and that is what Dario thought as well.  What was my crime in 1999....nothing....just trying to do the right thing.   What was Dario's crime?  Doing what he thought was right. 
He created a fantastic product that could have likely earned him millions.....and someone else wants it.
Now; if you didn't understand what I'm writing....then you are in the same category as Dario Busch was.  You can read about what has happened to this man, since my initial email of September 24th. 
If Dario's citizenship was only that of U.S. Citizen.....I would have told him that he has no prayer and I would have disengaged from trying to help him.  However, he may actually get some advocacy from his foreign embassy.  I have spent 20 hours on the phone with Dario and his advocates in the past 10 days.  
Is there hope?  Yes.  Will it be easy for him or his advocates?  No.
What happened to Dario can happen to any US citizen 
In researching this individual, Dario Busch; it has become obvious that he has something that someone in the system wants (probably a Judge, but it could be anyone "in the system").   He has created a very revolutionary "green building material".   If you are inclined to see it, here's a link: 
The Judge(s) in Missouri took Dario's business....through what initially appears to be backdoor dealing, in all likelihood.  I don't know if is true, but based on my reading of his court records so "appears" that way.  What does the "government" get out of this?  Simple....the efforts of your time and your property. 
We experienced personally in 1998, with an Estate/probate issue; and again in 1999 with an investment that we were involved in the Cayman Islands.  If you have ever heard that "going offshore" to "protect your assets" is an answer, then think again.  That investment program was shut down because the U.S. Has jurisdiction (by treaty) in the Cayman courts.  They "seized" all funds from us and 3100 other investors.  In the 1999 investment issue; the people running the investment program were charged with crimes....but they never went to trial and were forced into confessions. 
The system took them out in much the same manner that E-GOLD was taken out in the State of the Florida....which means "forced confessions".    In fact, those men never knew what hit them. 
The same is true here;  and because Dario Busch didn't understand his "Capacity" or his "Standing", his initial response was to file a criminal complaint against a Judge, in order to  try to stop what was happening to his business.   I understand this has happened to many people.   But, the Judges have certain immunities, so this is not the correct legal response. 
This is where IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS....and IGNORANCE OF THE LAW is no Excuse. 
Because of everyone's total lack of understanding how the "legal system" actually works......THEY (or the system or " Your Government").....can take you into custody, and/or take your business, and/ortake what you "think" is your money....and/or take your livelihood................ANY TIME THEY WANT TO.
Without Standing and Capacity.....whereby you have "come out of their system" and start exercising new agreements and implementing the Right of Self-Determination; what youwill read below from Dario Busch is what can happen to any US citizen or any citizen of any Nation that is within the borders of the United States.
What is Knowledge worth?  
Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.----                                            James Madison:
Faith and courage are commodities that have always been in short supply on this planet.   And, we are told that 'in the last days", men's hearts will fail them for fear.   We just saw an example of this two weeks ago.  A man, who had lost all hope, who flew his plane into an IRS building.  
No man is an island and as stated in the verbatim minutes of the United Nations; "Man has learned long ago that he cannot live unto himself.  For lasting Peace and Security, it is time for men of good will to come together and organize".  In the book: A BRIGHT SHINING LIE,  Harry Truman said;
We believe that all people who are prepared for self-government should be permitted to choose their own form of government
By their own freely expressed choice, without interference from any foreign source.
3 keys to freedom:
1.  You must take care of your health....and LEARN what to eat and drink....and what not maximize your time on this Earth.  
2.  You must have Financial Freedom and know how to take care of your resources.   If you think that you "know" this.....then listen in:
3.  You must exercise the Right of Self-determination and start learning "the law of contracts".   Being ignorant about this and the other keys, will keep you in bondage to others.....serving THEM .....and participating in their crimes/frauds/wars.  
I made it to the level of Ambassador of another Jurisdiction....and the United States writes to me in that manner.   But "we" need others; and you all need the knowledge that came from the last 10 years of experiences....where Yahweh provided "a light for this path".   
I can compress anyone's time depending on the willingness to learn, I can teach anyone what I know about protecting property and becoming a completely Self-Determinant individual.
Remember, Knowledge is not power.   Only the right knowledge combined with the right action is Power.
All the best;
Proverbs: 4
World English Bible
Wisdom is supreme. Get wisdom. Yes, though it costs all your possessions, get understanding.
 Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Our greatest glory is not in never failing; but in rising up every time we fail". 
Johann Wolfgang von Goeth



Treat a man as he appears to be, and you make him worse.  But treat a man as if he were what he potentially could be, and you make him what he should be.

From: Dario
To: David
Subject: ___ David, Dario agrees and needs your help please (URGENT)
David, ok, just found your emails, I wish I would have found them way before, even before you sent them. My attitude and arrogance have dropped, I am ready for a new level of understanding as I understand I was wrong in most things that people tought me and I was promoting and giving away. I am sorry for my mistakes. I have made my site unavailable. I just got out after 5 months in jail where I almost died a dozen times due to my brain condition (AVM) and their refusal of medical care. A story I will save for later if it interests you, hell on earth. I am out on ankle bracelett until the trial is won or a plea bargain is struck. They want to give me 60 years in federal prision. I have read your documents and advice. I hear you perfectly. I have accepted the fact I was wrong through trial and error and suffering. Now, I need advice and direction and help to do it right. If you would help me, I would be thankful and honored. Your information changed everything in my head. I eagerly and humbly await your response, instructions, and suggestions. I will be adjusting my email to ________________ (not active yet) to avoid all spam, way too much, until then you can email me directly to _______________ as the current email may not be working once you reply, unless it is soon and before I redo my email servers. My cell phone is 515-xxxxxxxxxxxx and if you call me, I can call you back on my dime. David, please accept that I was stupidly naive and believed in fairytales told to me which I realized were not reality and that I now need your help. Whatever I can do to repay you I will do. I thank you in advance and hope you soon respond to my call for help which I now desperatelly need.
Dario Busch
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
- I thank you in advance! - db


On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 10:36 AM, David <> wrote: have no clue who I am, so I am going to tell you how I "used  to be" like you.  I used to believe that I had rights that I didn't have.  Therefore, I attacked the U.S.system.  I sued 4 federal judges, 1 superior court judge in NC, 4 federal clerks, 1 superior court clerk, 5 financial institutions,  12 attorneys, the IRS,  First Union Bank, and 1 "u.s. citizen".
We were creating and using more accurate and verifiable LANGUAGE PROCEDURES than had previously been in any US DISTRICT COURT, and because of that; my claims and paperwork have been in the US SUPREME COURT, in the WORLD COURT at the Hague, in the UN, in the Vatican, and in the Universal Postal Union is Bern, Switzerland.
And, here is what I see and what I know.  You attacked the system, and you claimed rights that you don't have because you don't understand international law.  You can file all the commercial claims and liens and bonds that you want...and you are still wrong because you don't have the Treaty Right (because you are not signatory  to any banking treaties...and all BOEs, promissory notes, and invoices must meet the standards of international Banking Treaties).  Since you have no treaty rights and have no signed treaties for banking with the United States, you are trespassing across contract rights to do "whatever it is you did"....without an agreement.  The United States knows this.  They know that you are a tort feasor, and that you step over the line (i.e.their line) because you are a "citizen of their State"...and under International treaty a citizen of "their" state; you cannot file claims against the state that you belong to.
Their Constitution at Article 6 clause states that all judges must enforce International Treaties as "supreme law of the land".  The treaty you violated is this one:
How do I know this?  Because, through all of my trials and tribulations; and testing the system....I became an Ambassador of another  Nation.   I have diplomatic status and therefore immunity.  I watch people like you that put up these attack websites, and do all of this foolishness; in hopes that I will finally speak to someone that will listen and learn what I that they stop getting themselves and others into the kind of trouble that you are in. 
I tried to contact you a long time ago.  But the way you set up  your website allowed no direct contact with you, unless I "paid" for the access, because that is the way that you set it up.......until now.  Now you are in trouble because you trespassed across Private international law and Private international intellectual copyrights; without an agreement.  And, whether they have charged you with it or not, you violated USC title 18 section1003 of their code as "their American/u.s.citizen". 
And, have been telling others that you can teach them how to get and/or access millions and millions of dollars; and that the United States has to honor it (when "they" don't).  And then worse than that, you are now appealing to your entire "group list" (not just your paid members) for funds because you are broke (for the bombastically arrogant reason that people "can't afford you yet.....and yes the laughter in the system's hallowed halls of just-ice; are laughing uncontrollably)
Where is the truth?  Not on your website, that's for sure.  I am not "beating  you up"....I am  telling you that you  only skinned the surface; and you don't understand International laws and treaties, and you don't fully understand how contracts  work;  and you don't fully understand silent acquiescence when it comes to treaty violations (in relation to your own case); and you don't fully understand FRCP 9a about "standing/capacity".  You don't know how to aver capacity and you don't know what "particulars" that you must include to have "standing to state a claim"....and the system knows this.  Http://
But, they are not going to tell you.   They left that to people like me how "got out of the system" to "form a new state" or become integrated with another state and require "standing".   Does that mean that I now can attack the system and file claims against them?  No.  It means Peace.  It means that I don't interfere with their internal politics and that I leave their courts alone.   It is called an ACCORD.
As I said, you are in the wrong, and 'THEY' know the truth of it. 
There is another answer...called the RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION using the International Protocols for Peaceful settlement.   The question is can you responsibly accept that it is you that made an erroneous assumption about your "alleged" rights as a U.S.citizen....and upgrade your knowledge to a new level?  Or, will you simply assume that I don't know what I am talking about? (like you already...arrogantly did) It is this arrogance, combined with lack of facts and lack of the proper knowledge that has you in your condition, at the moment.  
Telling people that "they can't afford you, yet"...and that you can show them how to "get millions" when you are homeless....I "see" this, Sir.   I attached a document...if and when you decide that you want more information and drop the attitude; I will be happy to supply hopes that you learn in time to prevent further destruction of your condition.
P.S.  Your motto below....needs an upgrade as well....because "breaking the rules" will never work.  "making the rules" does work.  It is called self-government....THE RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION of peoples.
The ratification of the United Nations Charter in 1945 at then end of World War II placed the right of self-determination into the framework of international law and diplomacy.
Chapter 1, Article 1, part 2 states that purpose of the UN Charter is: “To develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace.”[7]
Article 1 in both the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)[8] and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR).[9] Both read: “All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”
The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 15 states that everyone has the right to a nationality and that no one should be arbitrarily deprived of a nationality or denied the right to change nationality.
However, the charter and other resolutions did not insist on full independence as the best way of obtaining self-government, nor did they include an enforcement mechanism. Moreover, nations were recognized by the legal doctrine of uti possidetis juris, meaning that old administrative boundaries would become international boundaries upon independence, even if they had little relevance to linguistic, ethnic, and cultural boundaries.[10][11] Nevertheless, justified by the language of self-determination, between 1946 and 1960, the peoples of thirty-seven new nations freed themselves from colonial status in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.[2][12][13] The territoriality issue inevitably would lead to more conflicts and independence movements within many nations and challenges to the assumption that territorial integrity is as important as self-determination.[10]
-------Original Message-------
From: Dario Busch
Date: 09/24/09 09:00:07
Subject: __ did they actually raid the superhome?
The stuff you have to deal with... (u r next?)
Lies... fraud... deceit... and criminal.... and by cops, prosecutors and attorneys? Where is this place? What is this place? Why is this place? Where is the Dream the 60's knew? Where is the truth?
Here is the rough “cell phone video” of the “outside and inside sweep” of “the evidence left behind” or the "raid that never happened". Note that this video is AFTER I got out (7-8 days later) (riiiiiiight) after of idiotic renegade cops with vengeance on their mind kidnapped me at gun point:
EVIDENCE VIDEO TIME: The drug raid that was no drug raid?
evidence video 1 (outside)
evidence video 2 (inside)
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